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New Year New Updates

The new year has started and with that I plan on making a few changes.

  1. I aim to post more frequent updates, I'll try for once a week but at a minimum once a fortnight.

  2. Social media pages are going to be used more, right now I am using my own personal LinkedIn, however there is both a YouTube and Rumble channels in which video content such as trailers will be uploaded to.

  3. Legends of Maui is well under way. Most of the core gameplay elements are almost finished so the focus will be going into the level and character design.

  4. Table Top AR is still in limbo while I focus on Legends of Maui.

  5. "Oh Boy!" Mickey Mouse (well Steam Boat Willie) went into public domain this year. So be prepared for him to make a possible appearance in Dimension Shifters.

To finish off check out the Dimension Shifters trail on either Rumble or YouTube

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