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Games and Projects

Take a look at some of the games and projects that have been developed.


Dimension Shifters

Initially developed as part of the Game Jam 2023, the project is taking a life of its own. This is a simple wave shooter using Augmented Reality. The game has become a good testing platform to see how users interact with the Augmented Reality space.

Download and play on Android devices here.

* Main game loop is finished, game is being updated regularly.


Table Top AR

An on-going project to entwine Table Top gaming (such as Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer) with Augmented Reality.

* This game is a work in progress.


Chess AR

Chess AR is a simple experiment in taking a simple board game and applying it to an Augmented Reality.



Prospector was an entry for the Game Jam 2021. The game employs simple UI to find treasures based on the theme "All that glitters isn't gold".

The game can be downloaded and played on a desktop here.

Legends of Maui

A game based on the Maori mythology and folklore of New Zealand, focused around the character Maui.

Currently it is in the prototyping phase

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