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Gearing Up For Next Fest

It's been a while since a last did an update.

Recently I had to take some vacation time with the family back in New Zealand so that explains my absence for the last two weeks.

Steam Next Fest June 2024 is around the corner and I am in full "must get demo ready" mode, so there will be unlikely any video updates anytime soon.

Although I do have some more AI generation videos to make.

Since The Legends of Maui is being put forward for Next Fest, it is getting my full attention. This sadly means that my other projects are on the back burner until I can get Maui in a state of me just tuning a few things here and there.

So here is a list of things I have in mind for all projects;

  • The Legends of Maui

    • Getting Demo ready for Next Fest

    • Demo will show off most of the base mechanics and familiarize players with the game

    • No promises, a boss fight may be added to the demo if I have time.

    • Demo will likely have bugs so will be constantly updated based on what is reported

    • I am looking at perhaps doing a live Q&A

  • Dimension Shifters

    • I need to do some Geolocation tests before I look into version 3.X

    • I need to do some multiplayer tests before I look into version 3.X

  • Table Top AR

    • I need to do some co-location tests before moving forward

    • I need to do some multiplayer tests before moving forward

    • In both cases I need a second phone *hangs head in shame

  • Announcing project Shulchan

    • I was planning to announce this much later but given recent events now may be a good time.

    • I need to do some more research into the viability of the project but I have a good feeling about it

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