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Unity Repricing and What I will be doing

It is kind of gutting that I begin my first blog post about this but writing a blog about my projects is overdue and this is what lit the fire under my seat.

For those who are unaware Unity recently announced a change in the pricing structure, and it has caused a bit of an uproar amongst game developers, particularly those who use Unity.

My Plans Moving Forward

I have opted not to make any rash decision. I do not want to say I am sticking with Unity regardless and I don't want to say I am switching engines. Come 1 January 2024, I will make my decision then and only then based on what is on the official Unity website.

So regarding each individual game/project

Dimension Shifters

This will obviously not be shifted to a new engine and will remain 100% free to play. I am also making a solemn vow that it will not become abandonware. There is still a few additional things I would like to add to it and they will have to be done through Unity.

Table Top AR

This project has been put on hold until I get a few more things sorted in it, the big barrier is AR location sync. Given how much is done I will continue to build it via Unity.

Chess AR

This was more for some prototyping, however given that it is in a near complete state it will remain in Unity, there may be some future work done to it and perhaps a free to play game in the future.


This is in the same boat as Dimension Shifters.

Legends of Maui

At this time the game is still in its infancy and it maybe better to switch engines, this decision will be made 1 January 2024. For the time being I will continue working on the models as they are the least impacted.

Final Thoughts

This is an interesting situation we find ourselves in. To those developers who will switch engines I implore you to relay your commitment to existing games built in Unity and dissuade customer fears. You lost faith in Unity, do not let your customer lose faith in you.

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